I have always been attracted to bold colors, boisterous patterns and unique fabric combinations.  Mix that with my love for one of a kind pieces, and you have the beginnings of The Hoyden Company.

For the past decade, I have worked as a professional props and scenic artist from small theatrical and opera productions, all the way to large entertainment companies that specialize in circus-based performances and popular concert stages.  And now, I'm bringing that passion of art and creativity to my small business.

While The Hoyden Company is just getting off the ground, my products have already gone through a few years of R&D with family and friends.  I strive to construct a product where craftsmanship and details are not overlooked, but constructive criticism is still embraced.  Their feedback has helped shape the designs of the products you see today.  (And I thank them for putting up with the hours of inquest!)

I hope you are able to find that one of a kind piece here, and love it as much as I loved creating it.